Can movers move alcohol?

When it comes to moving liquids it is never safe moving them along with other items because it can spill and ruin your furniture or personal belongings. That is why most of the local moving companies are not moving alcohol or any other liquids, you should do it yourself.

When do movers start charging?

There are many different moving companies with different rules and policies. Some movers might charge from the moment they leave their warehouse. On the other hand there are professional movers that charge for their services once your move starts. It all depends on their moving policy, but you should know what is their rule before you decide to book your services.

Will movers move in the rain?

This one is simple! Any professional and trained local movers can move you no matter the weather conditions. When it’s raining, our practise here in Newtown Movers is to use extra protection for your belongings so nothing gets damaged due to rain. Safety comes first, but we are trained and experienced to move you whether it is snowing, raining or it is sunny!

Why tip movers?

First thing you should know is that you are not obligated to tip the movers. They do have their salaries and they are paid by your local moving company. But as you are aware, tipping became a part of our culture and it is considered as a nice gesture. Especially when you tip someone who did hard physical work for you. How much to tip the movers is completely up to you.

Where to hire movers?

As you probably know there are numerous movers in Newtown PA and it might be stressful to find the suitable company for your upcoming move. First thing you should do is to check with someone who moved recently if they can refer to their moving company. If that is not the case use the good old internet. Type on your search ‘furniture movers near me’ or ‘local movers near me’ and start scrolling. Call as many moving companies as you think you should and collect the information that you need.

How many movers do I need?

How many movers do you need for your upcoming relocation depends on many various different reasons – how big your home is, is packing included or not and are there long carries or stairs. That is why you should leave it to the professionals to decide what is the optimal number of movers to finish your relocation safely and time-efficiently.

What movers won’t move?

Every local moving company has its own policy when it comes to moving particular items. Most of the local movers have some kind of weight limit. With Newtown Movers that limit is 450 lbs. Professional movers should know what they can move safely and what not and they shouldn’t take something that can be damaged due to lack of experience or expertise.


What if movers break something?

If you hire a professional moving company, then you are getting basic coverage insurance included in the hourly rate. In that case even if your professional movers break something, you can file a claim and they will help you find the best solution for any issue that occurred. Never settle for any moving company that is not licensed since you won’t be safe in case of any damages.

Movers who will pack for you?

Every professional local moving company can offer you packing assistance as well. Since it is not a part of their standard moving service, you usually need to tell them that you are not planning to pack your items yourself.

Are movers essential services?

Yes! Local movers are listed as essential services and no matter the circumstances your move can be performed. Sometimes you can’t even choose when you would like to move, it is a necessity, but Newtown Movers are here for you.